Skin Ageing Prevention and Treatments


Best  way to take care of your skin is facial.

We offer a range of facials to satisfy your skin looking best. 



Clean & Refresh    30 min facial $55



Great skin maintenance with best results when done regularly. It is a quick but effective facial to change the dull skin to glowing youthful look.

Does include proper skin cleansing, balancing pH, exfoliation of epidermis and customised need mask finishing with a serum and a moisturiser.

Your shoulders,  neck, decolletage are treated with relaxing massage using the lotion boosting skin hydration and tightening.


Smooth Look       60min facial  $99


This prevention/ antiageing type facial is to  resurface the dermis of your skin by removing a deeper layer of build-up, oxygenate the skin and boosting skin collagen synthesis leaving your skin smoother, brighter with healthy even complexion.

It does include:

proper skin preparation for the treatment with cleansing and skin balancing.

Resurfacing with advanced peel solution or microdermabrasion (option depend on skin type)

Protection of the vulnerable skin with a powerful antioxidant mask.

Finishing with a serum and a moisturiser.

Shoulder, neck and decolletage relaxing massage will uplift your being.



Advanced Peel Program:


Skin peels are designed to your skin to fix some problems and conditions.They are series of treatments encouraging your skin to change and renew.

Benefits of peels are:

  • repairing sun-damaged skin
  • reducing skin pigmentation
  • reducing scars and wrinkles
  • increasing skin hydration
  • acne treatment
  • elimination of skin dryness
  • reducing skin redness – Rosacea
  • boosting collagen production in the skin
  • improving texture of the skin

Each Program includes a half an hour 6 weekly in salon treatments following in home care with daily moisturiser and sunblock (included in the price)


Microdermabrasion Program                  $470

Enzyme Papain Peel Program                 $410

Fruit Acid Peel  Program                          $410

Herbal Peel Program                                 $410




Special Occassion  60min facial $120


A unique new marine biotechnology treatmentwith marine native cells and Vit C.

Seaweed action with incredible results of radiance, firmness and glowing – this is what your skin needs for that special meeting, wedding etc.

Particularly the over 40’s dull, tired looking skins

facial includes:

Proper cleansing and skin balancing

Double Radiance enzymatic peel leaving the skin plump and clear look

Algae Bouillie alive seaweed tratment stimulates skin making an awakening, hydrating and renewal same time.

Firming Peel off Mask Treatment with Vit C

Anti-dark Spot Serum for the face massage

Tightening neck, decolletage serum is used in your shoulder, neck and decolletage massage





Face Sculpting    75 min  facial   $120



One of the high-tech a facial treatments with instant results of the face contour. Skin become tighter and instantly improved texture.

Facial includes:

face and neck Radiofrequency (RF) skin tightening treatment,

deep acid/enzyme peel and Vit C tightening mask

followed with  Vit C serum face massage and moisturiser.

Tightening neck and decolletage serum

Shoulder, neck and decolletage massage.



Seasonal  Boost    90min facial  $180


This facial is excellent boost for your skin and your wellbeing when change of season, stress or sickness had a impact on your skin.

This powerful facial includes:

proper cleansing and balancing your skin

following with deep resurfacing and  peel

eye rejuvenating treatment

Microcurrent application to increase cellular circulation in the skin and facial muscles

one of the antioxidant masks on face, neck and decolletage

hand deep hydrating treatment and massage

peptide technology ampoule on your face, neck and decoletage

shoulder, neck and decolletage massage



Anti Age Confidence – Du Rivage   90min facial  $210


Global antiageing treatment Du Rivage is ideal for mature skins with visible signs of ageing, fine lines and wrinkles, slackened skin, dark spots and damaged skin texture.

Age Confidence  treatment  for the face,eye area,  neck and hands is a advanced complex of pure seaweed and plants extracts combined in precision layers of treatment to target each contributing factor in the mechanism of ageing skin.

Each step works to relieve cellular activity, strengthen supporting tissue, and return optimal levels of moisture and elasticity.

Facial include:

Proper skin cleansing and balancing

De la Presquile Professional Peel and neutralising

Wrinkle Filler Eye treatment

Application of active serums and masks on your face and the neck area

followed by Rivage firming peel off mask

Hand exfoliation and rejuvenation with active ingredients mask

Arm, hand, shoulder ,neck, decolletage massage

Finishing with application of Eye Product, Serum and Treatment Creme.



Reverse The Clock Programs


Radiofrequency Program (6)              $540


Radiofrequency (RF) therapy is a safe nonsurgical method of skin tightening.

The procedure involves using energy waves to warm up the deep layer of your skin (dermis) which process stimulates production of collagen and bonding of elastine.

The result is instant skin tightening, reducing wrinkles, improving skin structure and tone.

This Program is ideal for  skins showing loss elasticity, sagging, thinning down which occurs around 40 or older skins.

Program is also excellent in treatment of scars on the face or anywhere on your body.

A course of  6 weekly treatments is recommended, 40min each treatment


Microcurrent Program (10)               $700


Microcurrent treatment is regarded as a facelift without needles or scalpels. Its safe, non invasive and relaxing treatment with “miracle” results.

It involves using low grade electrical current to stimulate the metabolism of the skin and facial muscles on cellular levels. It is like taking your face to the GYM !!

During the treatment every cell of yur skin and face/neck  muscle have a chance of wakening and become alive again. It does help remove toxins and edema(puffiness), tones sagging facial muscles.

The skin performance is improved in production of collagen and bonding elastine. All active ingredients applied to your skin during the treatment have a chance to penetrate to deep levels of your skin.

It is a program to contour your face and give it its glow back.

For the best results a course of 10 weekly treatments is recommended, 60 min each treatment.


LED Light Program (6)                         $300


LED light therapy is perfect treatment for skin rejuvenation and help healing.

LED light emitting diode therapy is a skincare treatment that uses varying  wavelengths of  light which each  impacts skin differently so  this program could benefit variety of concerns like acne, scaring, fine lines , wrinkles, broken capillaries, rosacea, redness, dark circles, skin sagging.

It is pain free, non invasive, soothing and relaxing.

It is 6 week program for the best results and each treatment is 40min.





Senior Facial        60 min   $55


This facial is a special offer for clients over 65yo.

It is soothing 1 hr facial including facial hair removal and eyebrow tinting if you wish.

All products used during the treatment are for the purpose of soothing, hydrating and rejuvenating your skin.

Facial is finished with shoulder, neck and decolletage relaxing massage.



We do body maintenance treatments including

Professional Eyebrow Shaping           $20

Eyebrow tinting       $10

Lip Wax                      $10

Eyelash tinting           $20

Full face wax                $35

Underarm wax             $20

1/2 arm wax                  $25

Arm wax                        $40

Chest wax                     $35

Shoulder wax               $30

Shoulder+ Chest wax $ 55

Back wax    from          $35

Back +Shoulder wax   $65

Bikini Line            from $20

Brazilian wax                $55

1/2 leg wax                     $30

Full leg wax                    $45

Spot wax                         $   5


Classic manicure           $30                                         Deluxe manicure  $60 (with Shellac)

Classic pedicure             $45                                        Deluxe pedicure   $70 (with Shellac)

Paraffin treatment hands or feet              $20

Party tips                                                       $35

Acrylic overlays                                            $40

Acrylic nails +extensions                            $55

Acrylic French Tip                                       $60

Shellac application                                       $35

Shellac on acrylic                                         $20


Aromatherapy Full Body Massage 1hr    $70

Part Body Massage 1/2 hr                          $40

Customised  Full Body Scrub                    $60

Customised Full Body Wrap                      $120

Full Body Spray Tanning                            $40

Express Body Spray Tanning                     $55


                                                                        IPL  PERMANENT HAIR REDUCTION

Lip                                                                                          $30 per session

Chin                                                                                        $30 per sesion

Underarm                                                                              $55 per session

Brazilian Bikini                                                                     $99 per session

Quotation on  larger areas of the body is available and price depends on the size

of treated area.

Packages combining IPL for few body areas at the same time available.

                                                                                          Make Up


All occasions Facial Make-up                    $70

Wedding packages available on an agreement and payable on booking.